Confronting Wrong numbers?


It was New Year eve a friend had come over from Islamabad, after high tea we decided to hit the cinema just to kill time before he left for home.

Three hours later i had this perturbing question hovering over my mind:
“Are we brave enough to tackle wrong numbers? ”

Taking a cue out of the awe aspiring didactic bollywood Blockbuster PK that puts superstition harboring God-men to the sword; i am pin pointing to the mullahs spewing hate on tv in Pakistan. The vitriol injected by Amir Liaqat Hussain and his toady clerics in a private tv show virtually snowballed into the murder of an Ahmadi in Gujranwala the very next day, but i reckon that’s business as usual for it was conveniently put under the mat.

I need to clear the air before crossing the thin red line that neither am i an Islam bashing ultra liberal nor a pseudo secular in search of limelight or a raw agent with nefarious agenda up my sleeves.

Recently Civil society showed maturity and chutzpah by protesting against maulana Abdul Aziz outside the red mosque in the wake of the grisly Peshawar attack, though some thought it was an ephemeral catharsis on part of a few bold people who took to the streets in the Capital. I believe the short lived demonstration created a few ripples in status quo where fighting against the religious cult is an exercise in futility as unfortunately social media (which has a limited scope) seems to be the only battle turf to tackle the religious fascists.

Take the case of the christian couple that was cold-bloodedly thrown in the kiln in bright daylight on false allegation of blasphemy by a bunch of demented maniacs but despite all the clamour on social media the ailing justice system has yet again disappointed by resorting to delaying tactics before giving a verdict over a case that is as clear as a may’s morning.

I hope that peshawar attack becomes the water shed moment. Though paradoxically 43 years ago the same day (16th december) should been the critical juncture for us to come of age as a nation when the country was dismembered, rather we went back a few steps attributing to the pyrotechnics and shenanigans of Mr. Bhutto and Zia, which are now of part of history books to take heed. Eventually in 1997 Nawaz Sharif government hit the last nail in coffin by recognising the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Though Musharaff and general Kiyani coped their share of flak for not curbing the dirty game of good cop and bad cop played with talibans under their noses in post 911 Pakistan, yet I would laud Perveiz Musharaff for taking pivotal decision regarding operation silence on the red mosque which quizzically backfired.

I reckon it backfired because we ‘the awaam’ badly miscalculated the ambitions of the operation that was meant to quell the fundamentalists, who had taken refuge inside, without desecrating the sanctity of Mosque or islamic values.

I vividly remember during the days of operation silence i was staying in hostel of Pakistan’s premier business school pursuing my MBA degree, with the so called liberal student body. Witnessing live telecast of operation in the hostel’s lounge it was manifested by the reaction of some of my mates that religious jingoism had got the better of national interests as many questioned the morality of the operation on a mosque, without delving into the crux of the matter.

Rationally scrutinised, It is evident that the fundos inside abducted ladies on account of debauchery and misdeeds, i wonder what yardstick or divine authority they had to punish someone on basis of morality? maybe Zia Ul Haq’s ghost had permitted them, i can’t fathom. Just to set the record straight they even used burqa clad women as shields and failed to relent even on the intervention of imam of Kaba, who flew all the way from mecca.

Peshawar incident is an eye opener. Its high time that those who still believe that Malala is a CIA backed educational drone or a jewish conspiracy and the attack on her was a set up should put their malices to rest now.

#Neverforget hash tag would only embelish our twitter profiles if we do not translate it into a meaningful movement on grass root level and become bold enough to call spade a spade and understand the true teachings of islam ourselves rather than permitting the mullahs to set the religious doctrine and carve a narrative for our coming generation to follow.

Before it is too late let’s awaken the PK inside us( that is so alien to the prevailing narrative in the country) and start questioning the authority of hate-mongering religious bigots having wrong numbers.


A wailing city named Karachi


Our nation had hardly gotten over the trauma of Hazara massacre in Quetta, that karachi has once again become victim of barbaric acts of a few fundamentalist minds.
The attacks in karachi give the stench of religious hatred. Abbass town is the venue of pain, grief and loss. I feel for all those families who are reeling with despair and anger. Alot of observers claim that shia community was the main target of terrorists. I put it differently. I think a bunch of patriotic pakistanis living their peaceful lives in a vibrant community have been attacked. This is not the first time as we are immuned to see chaos now. We as a nation need to ask a few questions to the security agencies and the incumbent government, as to what policies they have formulated in order to avoid more blood shed?
Despondent, at times i buy the ‘conspiracy theory mongers’ belief about this all being a set up.A freak show performed aptly by an inapt government. The election days are nighing and the government has no plan to justify its tenure as a wholesome one for the nation in general. So they are resorting to delaying tactics in order to push the elections further, making unrest in country as an excuse. I have no clue what is the truth behind this notion but one cannot help thinking on these lines seeing people of his homeland left high and dry in pain .
A higher Government official was getting engaged in Mohatta palace under heavy fool proof security, when the security of thousands of people living in those towers was breached with utter disdain on that day. This shows the difference between the have and the have nots in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.If not everyone then atleast all taxpaying citizens must question the government about their investment in laying proper security measures to make all citizen’s habitat a safe haven.
I am helpless. All i can do is to ponder over the inefficiencies of the system run by maladroits and pray to God almighty that he protects us from further calamities of this nature. One silver lining that i find in this grisly act is the unity factor it has brought not only amongst the diverse population of Karachi but within the rest of the country as well.