Future of PTI in a Xenoglossophobic nation!


Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf has become a cult phenomenon amongst the youth, especially those hailing from elitist background — probably because PTI is seen as fashion statement for change towards the evolving political paradigm.

Barring that small niche, the rest of the country has similar demographics. Literacy is low, with a major chunk of the nation still having trouble understanding english, leave alone speaking it.

Amidst all this, PTI made two tactical howlers as far as their election campaign is concerned. Both occured during the launch of their education reform and industry & skill development policy this year. One, they simply used english as a medium to communicate the populace through policy manuals, most of which struggle to tackle a foreign language. Secondly they hosted the whole policy unveiling ceremony on the lines of a blue chip corporation’s annual meeting — giving an impression as if they are laying out their sales targets for the coming years using difficult jargons in rhetoric.

The mode of communication through brochures, booklets and the rest of policy manuals was in english language too — One must tell the communication and PR personnels of PTI that they are addressing a Xenoglossophobic nation, with due respect.

As an onlooker, the PTI policy manuals adressing 200 million masses in english language was a turn off for me. Confusing the masses with difficult rhetorics and gobbledegook will not open up ways for a ‘naya Pakistan’ (motto of PTI). The trickle down effect, that is promised in an impressive Rs. 2.5 trillion education reform policy or in the well formulated industrial and skill development policy, could not be translated to the masses if they can’t understand the gist behind the great struggle PTI vows to wage for them.

I am a great admirer of the brand ‘Imran Khan’ but unfortunately he is getting it wrong once again. He needs to redefine the public relations strategy of PTI, if he wants to communicate effectively with the down trodden strata.