Pseudo religious scientists


Ladies & gentlemen! Polio vaccine is deemed safe once again — a mufti passed a decree (fatwa) about its safety, a few days ago. Not long ago it was considered ‘un Islamic’ by the same mullahs but now all of a sudden they have revisited their claim. I am not sure if it is backed by an epidemiological test or a supernatural divine call has brought the cleric to this conclusion. The possibility of a political backing can’t be ruled out though. I can’t fathom that on what grounds was polio vaccine deemed un Islamic in the first place.

A month ago, Islamic ideological council claimed that DNA test will not be admissible as evidence to authenticate rape in any form. I can’t help but laugh at this idiosyncrasy. Such a categorical statement from the council conveys a clear message to the rapists and male chauvinists to showcase their beastly machismo without even being investigated. No wonder why human rights violations go scott free in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

We are a nation duped again and again by their zany ideologies. Neither are they scientific scholars nor are they final word on how Islam should be interpreted. We as a nation are still divided as to which mufti is the most authentic one. It is our weakness to resort to their self proclaimed edicts without delving into the authenticity of their claims. To cut it short polio vaccine has always been by and large safe — so waging Jihad against innocent polio workers will not provide salvation to any individual. Infact, one must acknowledge the bravado of the polio workers for being the largest unarmed army in the world on a mission to eradicate this menace.

With the holy month of Ramadan knocking at the door, once again we are all set to witness a communion of myopic scholars cum self proclaimed astrologers — who will renew their delirious search for the ever elusive Moon!