Sombre apology to father of the nation!


Beloved Quaid e Azam…….i am sorry from the bottom of my heart!

Severe pangs of remorse, shame and embarrassment had got me clueless over the past few days as to how i should express my feelings over the demise of Ziarat residency — Quaid’s last resting place. At last my innate temptation of penning down my angst got the better of my numb state of mind– so i could give vent to my emotions openly.

Balochistan liberation Army not only physically plundered the national monument but also rubbed it in by besmirching Pakistan’s national flag atop the residency — hoisting BLA flag instead. Media highlighted a plethora of condemnation and censure by government officials– right, left and centre. Yet it is mind boggling for me to understand the lack of resolve on the part of government to crack down the masterminds of this nefarious act and the indifference of civil society to protest against the tragic event at a large scale. Imagine the Statue of Liberty being attacked in this manner — i can vouch that civil society and US government would have gone on to vehemently protest and track the culprits respectively.

15th june 2013 marked a nightmarish day when not only the Ziarat residency was burnt to Ashes but terrorists created havoc in Balochistan medical complex and targeted female university student’s bus in Quetta. The most perplexing part thus far about Quetta is that despite it being highly cordoned off by security agencies yet it had to face a number of tragic events.This stat certainly puts a big question mark over the effective and honest role of security agencies in the region.

Another quandary that took my gasp away was the lack of security personnel appointed to safeguard as important a place as Quaid’s residency in Ziarat.The site had all the vital significance to mourn its loss. Look at the back of a 100 rupee bill, you will see the picture of Ziarat residency standing tall with grandeur. It was located amidst Ziarat’s scenic Juniper Gardens — considered one of UNESCO’s heritage site.Claims of reconstruction on part of interior minister wont assuage the pain. Having visited the site as a small kid, for me this building was akin to Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal would lose all its charm once rebuilt, if it is unfortunately razed.

Every sombre event hits our nation as a wake up call to get our act right– this one though has jolted us having hit us on every sensitive chord in our systems. The need of the hour is to reunite as a nation to quell the demon of terrorism in order to forge ahead towards the road of prosperity — a pathway shown by one of the greatest leaders of all times named Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.