Naya Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: it’s official!

The hullabaloo of 2013 elections has almost phased out, with new government about to be formed in space of a few days. Writing is on the wall that Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf will form government in khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The fanfaronade of creating a ‘naya pakistan’ has ultimately petered out in carving a ‘naya Pakhtunkhwa’ for the time being. It has atleast given something to cheer for Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf’s rather disgruntled supporters, especially those partaking in sit-ins across the country.

The current scenario bodes well for Imran Khan. With majority seats in KPK assembly, it would give him a chance to realise his dream of building a utopian government — be it at a provincial level. I have heard him citing examples of good governance in Bihar state in India as a paradigm to be emulated in Pakistan. For that Pervez Khatak the-to-be-chief minister has to do the Nitish Kumar in KPK.

Commensurate efforts are needed to bring reform in the province but the key to prosperity in KPK unfortunately lies with the Talibans — they could throw spanner in the works by disturbing the peace of KPK. With restoration of law and order heading PTI agenda, Pervez Khatak has already asked Talibans to show some clemency in order to rebuild a new khyber Pakhtunkhwa from scratch.

By the looks of things, PTI has to tread over a very fine line for KPK to get over its miseries. The goals seem pretty well aligned though. From economic prosperity, empowerment of municipal and district level government system, education& health reform to law and order restoration — PTI agenda seems to cover all the bases. Nonetheless execution of these goals would be pivotal.

The five years tenure of leading a provincial government is going to be a litmus test for Imran Khan and co. if he succeeds in fulfilling the promises he has made to the people in KPK, he would end up being a reliable leader in the long run. Otherwise the people of KPK would do what they are so good at, that is to vote for change in the next elections. From the rightist, leftist to the liberals — people in KPK province have tried them all.

In 1993 they voted for Pakistan Peoples Party.
In 1997 it was the turn of Pakistan muslim league (N) to form government.
In 2002 they opted for Muthahida Majlis e Amal as their saviours.
In 2008 they chose a new option in form of Awami National Party.
In 2013 it is Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf, in whom they have reposed their faith.

With the kind of people at its disposal, PTI is more than capable in laying foundations of a new khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. As far as rest of the pakistan is concerned, the nation is content on repairing the old pakistan until Tsunami sweeps the whole nation off its feet when next election takes place in the country.


Aman ki Asha in doldrums!


Gandhi once said — “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”. Alluding to the quote, recent developments regarding manhandling of two prisoners on both sides of the border could lead Indo-Pak socio-political narrative in a wrong direction — a sane mind calls for an overhaul in mindsets on both sides of Loc.

Sarabjeet Singh (who succumbed to his wounds) and Sanaullah (in critical condition as i write) were two inmates who got entangled in the spiral of rage, fury and intolerance in two neighbouring countries. After the incident, i reckon Aman ki Asha needs a major facelift.

There is no doubt that Aman ki asha has helped bring people closer from both sides of the border but has it done enough to permeate a sense of clemency,tolerance and moderation amongst the masses is a pivotal question that remains to be answered. To rub salt to the wounds, this incident has surfaced sore memories of alleged beheading of soldiers of both countries by their counterparts in Siachen as well. People have started looking at the glass half empty.

Things apparently look normal in respective government’s top echelon.Thankfully there was no knee jerk reaction after the events unfolded, as far as foreign policy decisions were concerned — yet there is venom developing within a common man on both sides of Loc. This simmering hatred could translate itself into something dangerous if a peace fostering communication medium doesn’t interject early.

Along with other peace promoting forums, i believe Aman Ki Asha is the only one that has access, capacity and capability (being backed by two media giants of both countries) to permeate peace all across and bring sustainable positive change in thought process of a common man in Indo-Pak. With alot at stake this time round, i sincerely hope that Aman ki Asha delivers the goods needed to turn over a new leaf in indo-pak relationships and start afresh once more.

zamana muntazir hai phir,nayi shiraza bandi ka
………..Bohut kuch ho chuki ajzaye hasti ki preshani