Cons or Icons?


The news just came in affirming that Lance Armstrong has been stripped off from all his accolades — Gosh!! a tragic end to a cult fable but the best part about this saga was that justice prevailed at last.

They say life comes a full circle — in case of Lance Armstrong, who was seen as an iconic figure not only in sports but also for his contibution to fight cancer has already stepped down from his Livestong cancer foundation after the ignominy he had to face for his shenanigans.

This incident has not only jolted a sports lover like me but it has also put a big question mark on the integrity of many an icons and legends who mold our outlook towards life in general — that’s a dangerous sign to say the least. The luminaries prevalent in any sphere of life would now be seen with a microscope of suspicion and their sense of achievement could give way to mistrust. Moreover a superlative like ‘icon’ would be swapped with a pejorative like ‘con’, if those in limelight keep deceiving the easily duped masses through gamesmanship.

Ironically one should give all the credit to Lance Armstrong for putting up his freak show throughout an illustrious career by eluding the wrath of international doping agency for so long – it takes some doing to be such a sly junkie!

I think it’s time for every one to garbage their one dollar yellow wristbands with ‘LIVESTRONG’ inscribed on them to uphold the sanctity of sports.

I smell a stir in the air!


The talk shows hosted by two erudite men namely Muhammad Malik and the ‘dandy’ Wajahat Saeed khan aired on the 18th and 19th of october 2012 respectively on two independent media channels were somewhat similar in tone. Both had the feel of a subliminal change that is forcing all and sundry to break the stereotypical norm and question the zany taboos that have plagued our society. I sense a voice is building up from the people to realize that the crushed minorities in the country, which have played their part in building the nation, should be given their due.

With the Malala’s incident hogging the limelight, pressure is building on the fundamentalist militia from international community and the locals alike. With media playing the vital role in molding the national narrative,populace in Islamic republic of pakistan are on the threshold of choosing between moderate,educated and liberal future for pakistan as opposed to a radicalised banana republic.

Being an eternal optimist i hope these latest developments in the cultural narrative of our country evolve into a snowball ball reaction; thus inculcating a positive and an everlasting change for the future generations of our country.

The Birth!


I am Asad Mustafa Kahlon…B-school graduate cum social entrepreneur running an educational outlet to fight disparity. My pass time is to sit at a typewriter and bleed…I’ve taken to blogging in an attempt to find the true essence of my existence in this confused milieu…….